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Certification Activities

The certification activity requirement includes earning a total of 50 certification points by completing ABFM Self-Assessment and Performance Improvement activities. Each certification activity is assigned a point value to help you track your progress toward completing your 50-point total requirement.

Self-Assessment Activities

Designed to help family physicians identify gaps in knowledge through regular participation in self-assessment activities, this component enhances medical skills by reviewing the most up-to-date clinical content.

Requirement: Earn 10 points by completing a minimum of one (1) Knowledge Self-Assessment activity through the following options:

  • One (1) Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA) activity, or
  • Four quarters of Continuous Knowledge Self-Assessment (CKSA) activities, or
  • Ten National Journal Club (NJC) article assessments.

Please note that CME is not required as part of the Resident Certification Entry Process.

Learn more about available self-assessment activities below.

Performance Improvement Activities

Designed to support high quality patient care, this component will help family physicians regularly identify an improvement opportunity or a performance gap, implement a change in care delivery, and measure the impact of that change to their patients or their practice.

Requirement: Earn 20 points by completing a minimum of one (1) Performance Improvement activity.

Select from a variety of ABFM-developed activities, or choose to design and report your own project through the Self-Directed Clinical activity. If your residency program participates in the Residency Performance Improvement Program (ResPIP) program, you may meet your requirement through this pathway.

Upon submission of a Performance Improvement activity, your work will be reviewed for meaningful participation. ABFM defines meaningful participation as identifying a gap in care or clinical processes, gathering baseline data for the chosen improvement measure, implementing an intervention to improve the chosen measure, and analyzing post-intervention data to assess the level of improvement.

Learn more about performance improvement activities ABFM offers below.

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