Verify a physician’s certification status and learn more about board eligibility, physician status, and withdrawal of certification status below.

To meet the needs of hospitals, managed care organizations, insurance companies, and other organizations, the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) provides access to the Online Verification System. In addition to reporting board certification, ABFM reports clinical status, retired status, and physician practice locations for those physicians sharing that information. Official current verification can only be guaranteed by ABFM.

ABFM no longer issues certificates with end dates. If you require an end date for certification, we advise to make a note to check the ABFM website on or after February 15th each year. By utilizing the annual re-verification date suggested, you will have accurate information about a Diplomate’s current certification status.

More information on board eligibility, physician status, and withdrawal of certification status can be found below.


Board Eligibility

The ABFM Board Eligibility Policy defines “board eligible” as having completed residency training but not yet attained initial certification. Board eligible status is not applicable to previously certified physicians.

Board eligible status is not available through the verification system. The physician must contact the ABFM directly to obtain verification of board eligibility or we must have expressed written consent directly from the physician to provide board eligibility details.

Certification Status

A physician identified as Certified has met the following requirements:

Physicians identified as not certified have not met all of the above requirements and/or deadlines for requirements in order to obtain and maintain certification.

Clinical Status

To reflect to the public whether an ABFM-certified family physician is currently caring for patients, ABFM reports self-designated clinical status for current Diplomates. Certification requirements may be customized based on a physician’s clinical self-designation.

Retirement Status

Physicians who self-designate as retired will be listed as retired in the Find a Physician Directory, allowing the public and credentialing entities to accurately know the physician’s retirement status. Certification status will remain current so long as the physician continues meeting certification requirements.

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