The Higher Standard of Care

Established by physicians, ABFM Board Certification is a voluntary credential that exceeds state medical licensure requirements. Physicians who choose to take the extra step to achieve and maintain certification are committed to a higher standard of care and professionalism for their patients and communities.

Introducing Certification 2025: The New Continuous Certification 5-Year Cycle

ABFM is excited to introduce Certification 2025: the new Continuous Certification 5-Year Cycle. Built on the same foundational components as the current certification process, the new 5-Year Cycle offers increased flexibility and convenience to customize your certification.

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Have you claimed your Digital Credentials?

Designed to help you display your board-certified status as the mark of excellence, these new resources offer a convenient way to share your achievement of certification with patients, colleagues, and the public. Learn more and claim your digital badge and certificate now!

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Is Your ABFM Exam Due This Year? Consider the Longitudinal Assessment.

Are you tired of cramming for a stressful single-day exam? The Family Medicine Certification Longitudinal Assessment is a popular alternative that allows physicians to keep up with medical knowledge and reduces the stress of a single large test.

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