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Established by physicians, ABFM Board Certification is a voluntary credential that exceeds state medical licensure requirements. Physicians who choose to take the extra step to achieve and maintain certification are committed to a higher standard of care and professionalism for their patients and communities.

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Patients Over Paperwork : How Dr. Eric Jemison Used Artificial Intelligence to Ease the Burden of Electronic Health Records

“AI/ML has brought a more human element back to patient care . I feel it in my visits. I want to make sure I have time for patients, to be their voice and advocate. Being more focused on each individual is so rewarding,” said Dr. Jemison.

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Progress Update – Improving the Value and Experience with Board Certification

Our goal is to continually improve ABFM Board Certification with your input. Over the last five years, we have worked hard to further enhance the Diplomate experience and increase the intrinsic value of board certification without increasing burden. In this spirit, within the last three months, we have implemented a series of product experience enhancements designed to make it easier for you to navigate the continuous certification process.

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Have you claimed your Digital Credentials?

Designed to help you display your board-certified status as the mark of excellence, these new resources offer a convenient way to share your achievement of certification with patients, colleagues, and the public. Learn more and claim your digital badge and certificate now!

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Introducing Certification 2025: The New Continuous Certification 5-Year Cycle

ABFM is excited to introduce Certification 2025: the new Continuous Certification 5-Year Cycle. Built on the same foundational components as the current certification process, the new 5-Year Cycle offers increased flexibility and convenience to customize your certification.

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