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Continuing Medical Education

A component of your family medicine certification is related to participation in continuing medical education (CME). Lifelong learning has been the focus of board certification since its inception, requiring an average of 50 CME credits annually. A minimum of half of these need to be from activities leading to Division I credits (refer to ABFM CME Requirements below).

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All CME credits are subject to final approval by the ABFM. You may verify your CME either through membership in the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) or by manual entry of your credits in your MyABFM Portfolio.

Division I

A minimum of 50% of the total required CME credits must be met by the following types of CME experiences (items E and F pertain only to residents in formal training).


A maximum of 50% of the total required CME credits may be composed of the following four areas.

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