Visiting Scholars Program

Opportunities to learn more about ABFM and join in our research activities.

ABFM sponsors a Visiting Scholars Program for both physicians and other professionals interested in primary care research, training, or practice. The Visiting Scholars Program is intended to offer you the opportunity to learn about the ABFM and conduct research over a two to four week period with ABFM’s Research Department. Scholars work directly with ABFM staff on original research projects that align with their own interests and support the mission and goals of the ABFM.

Two experiences are available to scholars.  Most scholars conduct research and have an immersion experience at ABFM offices in Lexington, KY. Individuals with significant policy interest may complete the program in Washington, DC at the Center for Professionalism & Value in Health Care.

In addition to scholars, the ABFM Research Department has supported undergraduate, graduate, and medical students in mentored experiences. Publication in a peer-reviewed journal, and/or presentations at conferences, often result from these experiences.

Individuals at more advanced stages of their careers with significant research experience or expertise may qualify as J. Lewis Sigmon, MD Senior Visiting Scholars. Sigmon Scholars are expected to produce a substantial product for publication as a result of their experience.

Funding for the ABFM Visiting Scholars Program is supported by the ABFM Foundation.

To apply, submit a letter of interest with your research interests, along with your CV, to [email protected].

Visiting Scholars Program

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