Become Certified

Training Requirements

Before becoming board certified, you must first complete all requirements and duties determined by an accredited medical school and an accredited family medicine residency program. Learn more about ABFM training requirements below.

Medical School Requirements

Family Medicine Residency Training Requirements

You must complete 36 calendar months (with 12 months in each training year) in an ACGME-accredited family medicine residency program. ABFM recommends all three years of your family medicine residency training occur in the same ACGME-accredited program, or its equivalent (e.g., Flexible/Transitional Year, AOA Osteopathic Internship, etc.). However, we recognize circumstances may occur that lead you to change specialty and/or location of residency training. In these cases, your residency program must notify ABFM via the Resident Training Management (RTM) system that you are entering training with advanced placement credit. The necessary information must be submitted before you begin training at a new program to avoid extending the duration of your training.

The last two years of your family medicine residency training must be completed in the same accredited program to allow for satisfactory continuity of care experience. Transfers after the beginning of PGY-2 are approved only in extraordinary circumstances. All education and training experiences are subject to review by ABFM before you are approved to take the Family Medicine Certification Examination (one-day exam).

Your residency program must comply with ACGME Institutional Requirements and the Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Family Medicine. Any variance from these requirements may risk your eligibility to take the one-day exam. If you have any questions regarding compliance with these requirements, please discuss with your Program Director, ACGME, or ABFM.

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