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In-Training Exam

As a resident in an ACGME-accredited family medicine program, you are eligible to take the annual In-Training Exam (ITE).

The purpose of the ITE is to provide an assessment of your progress in acquiring the knowledge you need to be a family physician. This also provides your residency program with comparative data about how the program as a whole is meeting educational goals. The ITE is administered in an online format in late October each year, registration is completed by your program.

The 2024 In-Training Exam will be administered October 16-25, 2024.

In-Training Exam Format

The ITE consists of 200 multiple-choice questions and uses a content outline which is identical to the blueprint for the ABFM Family Medicine Certification Examination (one-day exam). Questions for the ITE are written by ABFM board-certified family physicians who may be in academic medicine or in private practice. Before the questions are published, they are reviewed by a committee consisting of current or former residency program directors. You will see some pictorial items, such as medical radiographs or EKGs.

After you complete the ITE, you may download answers and critiques for all the questions on the exam from your MyABFM Portfolio. These critiques provide a brief rationale for the answer and also includes a recent reference that provides a source for you to further review.

The ITE is scored using statistical analyses similar to those used for the one-day exam. There is no passing score on the ITE, since the purpose of this examination is to assess your progress over the years of your residency training. Performance reports provide you with identified areas that you need to study and can be used to develop an individualized educational plan with your residency program.

ITE performance reports are available in your MyABFM Portfolio six to eight weeks after your exam. Your residency program can access these same reports through the Resident Training Management (RTM) system.

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