ABFM Digital Credential Program

ABFM Board Certification demonstrates your commitment to ongoing improvement of delivery of care and continued competence in medical advances and standards. Obtaining and maintaining board certification through ABFM is an achievement that should be recognized and shared with your patients, your colleagues, and the public. We’re excited to announce our new Digital Credential Program, which provides you with resources to display your board-certified status once you have met all certification requirements. Our Digital Credential Program is available to all physicians certified by ABFM, no matter if you’re newly certified or have been certified for a period of time, and is an easy way to share your achievement.

Digital Badge and Certificate

The digital badge and certificate allow you to share your board-certified status through a live online platform, which offers the ability to share your badge on social media, embed in your email signature and on your website, or add to your mobile wallet. Along with your badge, you will receive a digital certificate to further support the authenticity and credibility of your credential.

To claim your digital badge, simply log in to your MyABFM Portfolio using the button below and navigate to the My Profile page using the dropdown menu in the top right corner, then select Claim Digital Badge Now. You can access your badge by clicking the View Digital Badge button on the My Profile page. Please note, accessing your badge through your MyABFM Portfolio will allow you to share to social media.


To share your digital credential on social media, select the desired platform from the Share Credential section of your digital credential dashboard. You can share a message with the link to your credential on many popular social media platforms, including Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and more. You can also add your digital credential to your mobile wallet, allowing you to quickly share your board-certified status on the go! Navigate to the MORE dropdown on your digital credential dashboard and clicking Add to Mobile Wallet, then follow the prompt on your mobile device.

For more help sharing your digital credential, watch the short tutorial below.

Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine (DABFM) Designation

As a family physician who maintains certification through ABFM, you are a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine (DABFM)and are permitted to list this designation after your name. This notable achievement will aid you in distinguishing yourself from non-board-certified physicians and other medical practitioners.

To effectively display designations after your name, it is recommended that you list your highest earned degree first followed by any other degrees you wish to list, then any licenses, designations, or certifications. For example, John Doe, MD, DABFM or Jane Doe, DO, MPH, DABFM.

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