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Resident Entry Process

If you are a current resident or have completed training in an ACGME-accredited family medicine residency program within the last three years, you may complete the Resident Entry Process to gain initial certification.

The Resident Entry Process consists of the following five (5) requirements. All must be completed within three calendar years following completion of residency training to receive initial board certification.

  1. Certification Activities Requirement: Earn a total of 50 certification points by completing ABFM self-assessment and performance improvement activities.
    • Earn 10 points by completing a minimum of one (1) Knowledge Self-Assessment activity.
    • Earn 20 points by completing a minimum of one (1) Performance Improvement activity.
    • Earn 20 points by completing additional self-assessment or performance improvement activities, or a variety of approved self-assessment alternatives to reach your 50-point total.
  2. Professionalism Requirement: Continuously comply with ABFM’s Guidelines during your training.
  3. Certification Exam Requirement: You may be eligible to take the one-day exam in the spring of your third year of training, providing the opportunity to earn initial certification upon completion of residency. Visit your MyABFM Portfolio to review important dates and begin your exam application.
  4. Residency Training Requirement: Satisfactorily complete residency training according to ACGME and ABFM guidelines.
  5. Licensing Requirement: Upon completion of training, obtain a valid, active, and full license to practice medicine. It is required to report your medical license within your MyABFM Portfolio to obtain initial certification.

    *If it has been more than three years since you completed residency training, please log in to your MyABFM Portfolio to view your requirements to obtain initial certification. For help, please contact the ABFM Support Center at 877-223-7437 or [email protected]

Getting Started

To track your progress toward completing certification activities, exam preparation and more, ABFM provides a personalized dashboard inside your MyABFM Portfolio. Shortly after you begin residency training, you will receive an email from ABFM with instructions on how to access this tool.

MyABFM Portfolio