If you are seeking ABFM family medicine board certification at the end of your residency training, you will need to complete the Resident Certification Entry Process. Completion of your requirements for the Resident Certification Entry Process can be accomplished during your training, or up to a maximum of three calendar years after residency. If you are unable to fulfill the requirements within this time frame, you will need to go through ABFM's Entry Process.

Resident Certification Entry Process Requirements

The Resident Certification Entry requirements you will need to complete before receiving your initial board certification are as follows:

  • The completion of self-assessment and quality improvement activities totaling a minimum of 50 points, achieved through:
  • Continuous compliance with ABFM Guidelines for Professionalism, Licensure, and Personal Conduct which includes holding medical license(s) which meet the licensure requirements of the Guidelines
  • Successful completion of the Family Medicine Certification Examination
  • Successful completion of family medicine residency training and verification of this by your residency program. Your program can complete this verification through ABFM's Residency Training Management (RTM) system