As the nation struggles through a time of hurt and pain, the American Board of Family Medicine stands together with all who oppose systemic racism, prejudice, and violence. We know that racism kills. Sometimes it is direct, as we have observed over the past week, but more often than not, it kills by exacerbating the underlying health disparities in our country as evidenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We wish to express our great sadness for the victims of brutal and violent acts, and to the families and communities who are already struggling with deep socioeconomic and health inequities. As an organization whose vision is "optimal health care for all," we commit to advancing our efforts to combat and dismantle social and racial injustice and disparities and their destructive effects on the health of our nation. In doing so, we seek to ensure that family physicians demonstrate the knowledge, practice, and professionalism needed to improve the health of all. We also recognize and offer our unwavering support and constant admiration for the diverse community of family physicians who daily commit to continued healing in the face of both a pandemic and a society divided.

The ABFM Board of Directors
April 16, 2020