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We know your time is precious and we strive to provide great customer service and answer your phone call as quickly as possible. Therefore, we have outlined below the best times to call to minimize your wait time.

Best Times to Call Support Center
Day: Tuesday
Time: 8AM – 12PM (Eastern)
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Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s easy. It’s Fast. It’s for your Protection.

ABFM offers Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a secondary method to verify your identity when logging into your MyABFM Portfolio or to recover and reset your password. MFA provides you better protection by making it difficult for your account to be compromised. When choosing to enable MFA, you have the option to receive a phone call or text message to verify your identity. You also have the option to choose to use MFA upon every login, every six months, or only when you need to recover your password.

Setting up MFA:

  1. Log into your MyABFM Portfolio and select “Continue” when prompted.
  2. Verify or add phone number to be used in this process.
  3. Choose how often to use this process.

It’s that simple!
Set up your MFA now.

Technical Support

Minimum Supported Browser Versions

ABFM is committed to providing the best possible support for all of our website users by making every effort to support current and predominately used operating systems and browser versions.

Beginning March 9, 2021, all versions of the Internet Explorer browser may experience issues with loading the ABFM website.

Microsoft Edge Chrome Firefox Safari
Edge Chrome Firefox Safari

Using the latest release of a browser provides a more secure online experience and better user experience. New browser releases offer the latest security enhancements, bug patches, etc.

As is common to many websites and their applications, certain software is necessary to view and interact with the ABFM website. We recommend Adobe Reader, a free software, to enable PDF downloads. Also, certain functions within the portal require Adobe Flash Player, also free, for viewing capability.

A few necessary options or settings should be enabled to ensure complete compliance with our applications. Each browser should have JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

ABFM uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt the personal and financial information being sent over the Internet. Your browser should display a locked padlock icon to indicate that TLS encryption is being used. TLS is a modern replacement for SSL and does not contain the recently discovered security defects which are present in SSL.

Visit the SANS Security Institute for more details on SSL and TLS.