The purpose of the secure one-day examination is to measure the knowledge that sets board-certified family physicians apart from non-physicians and other non-certified medical practitioners with less training and experience. It serves to assure the public that you are up to date and aware of best practices in medical care in the total breadth of family physicians.

Successful completion of the Family Medicine Certification Examination is a necessary component for initial and ongoing certification. To be eligible to take the examination, you will need to complete all other stage requirements by the stated examination deadlines.

Key information To know:

  • You will need to have an approved application to take the exam. This can be completed online and includes selection of a test center. 
  • The exam day schedule consists of four 95-minute sections (75 questions each) and 100 minutes of pooled break time available between sections. 
  • It is administered semiannually over several dates in April and November. 
  • All questions are single best answer, multiple-choice format. 
  • It is delivered by our testing vendor, Prometric, in a secure, computer-based and standardized format. 

You may choose to take the examination prior to the year in which your requirement is due, if desired. Each time you successfully complete the examination you will reset your 10-year examination requirement. Any time remaining on your previous certificate will be forgone. If you are unsuccessful on the examination, you may re-attempt provided that application requirements are met.