ABFM Strategic Plan

ABFM is dedicated to improving Family Medicine Certification by engaging our Diplomates and serving our specialty, the profession, and the public. As we realize the components of this strategic plan, we commit to being a learning organization that is focused on continuous evaluation and improvement to support a certificate that is valued and trusted by all stakeholders.


To serve the public and the profession through certification, research, educational standards and support for the improvement of health care.

Warren Newton photo
In an age of bitter partisanship, long term progress will only be made with the development of common ground, across specialties, across professions and within communities and geographies. ABFM will pursue a course of engagement and collaboration.
Warren Newton, MD, MPH, DABFM President and CEO, American Board of Family Medicine

ABFM Strategic Plan, 2019-2025

Our goal is to help achieve better care, better patient experience and lower cost for all. To accomplish this goal:

  • We certify family physicians who demonstrate professionalism, lifelong learning and self-assessment, cognitive expertise, and commitment to improving the care they provide.
  • We engage, support, and partner with Diplomates over their entire professional careers in the varied communities and capacities in which they serve.
  • We collaborate with organizations, specialties and other partners who share our commitment to high standards and improvement in health and health care.
  • We set rigorous standards for residency training and continuing professional development and support ongoing innovation in education.
  • We conduct research that advances the science of certification, monitors how family physicians and their practices change over time, and advances the scientific basis of family medicine.
  • We support development of future leaders for the specialty, the profession and health care.


Optimal health and health care for all people and communities family physicians serve.

Strategic Goals


Strategic Action

In a complex and rapidly changing health care environment, we act strategically on behalf of the public to shape the future of health care. Our decisions will be open, evidence-based or informed, and we will be publicly accountable for them.


We work with Diplomates and all who share our commitment to improve health and health care.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to ongoing quality improvement in all that we do. We regularly review the effectiveness of our programs and policies and work to improve our performance.

Learning as an Organization

We will learn from Diplomates, other specialties and professions and the public, and change what we do as the result of what we learn.


We will recognize the voice of the public, the plight of those most vulnerable, and the complex demands of the careers of Diplomates. We strive for justice and fairness in all that we do.


In order to optimize the directions and decisions we make, we are committed to diversity in our organization and our specialty.

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