The purpose of this component is to help you assess and enhance your clinical knowledge and skills to provide high quality patient care. These activities allow you to self-assess your knowledge in a topic area relevant to your practice. 

You may participate in as many activities as you choose as long as you meet the minimum requirements and total number of certification points for each stage. Additional activities are associated with no additional cost, to support your own learning. Each activity provides you with CME credit upon completion, adding to your overall CME requirements. 

You may access these activities through the Track Your Progress page in your MyABFM Portfolio.   

Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA)

The Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA) is focused on evaluating and enhancing your knowledge base in a particular topic area common to family medicine. To successfully complete the assessment, you will need to answer 80% of the questions in each core competency area correctly. After you initially attempt the 60-question assessment, you will enter review mode, where you will be given a critique and a set of references, with the option to comment on each question. You may re-submit new answers to the questions you answered incorrectly.

After successful completion, you will earn 10 certification points and eight CME credits for each KSA. 

KSA Topics

Continuous Knowledge Self-Assessment (CKSA)

The Continuous Knowledge Self-Assessment (CKSA) can help you continuously identify your personal strengths and weaknesses in medical knowledge and clinical decision-making within the framework of broad-spectrum family medicine. This is accomplished by completing 25 questions per quarter, delivered through your MyABFM Portfolio. Completing these can be done throughout the quarter in a manner that best suits your needs and schedule, whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.

There is no passing or failing for this activity. After each question you will be given the correct answer, a critique that explains why other options were incorrect, a set of references and the option to comment on the question. This information allows you to focus on subsequent CME in those areas.

CKSA questions are similar in format to those seen on the Family Medicine Certification Examination. Once you have completed 100 questions over four quarters, you will receive a performance report that will estimate your probability of passing the Family Medicine Certification Examination, along with your likely score.

After successful completion of each quarter, you will earn 2.5 certification points and 2.5 CME credits. If you participate in four quarters of CKSA, you will earn 10 certification points, satisfying your minimum KSA requirement for that stage. 

Reciprocity of ABMS Member Board Self-Assessment Activities

You may choose to access activities approved by other American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Member Boards towards your eligibility for certification credit in the Knowledge Self-Assessment category. Both the external activity completion certificate and verification from the ABMS Member Board that shows approval of the activity must be submitted.  Once a certificate of completion and supporting documentation from the ABMS member board have been uploaded to your MyABFM Portfolio, ABFM will review the provided information and award appropriate certification credit.