The One-Day Family Medicine Certification Examination is divided into four separate sections of equal length and 100 minutes of pooled break time is available to be used between sections. 

Exam Section

Exam Section Format

Time Allotted

Section 1

75 Multiple Choice Questions

95 Minutes

Section 2

75 Multiple Choice Questions

95 Minutes

Section 3

75 Multiple Choice Questions

95 Minutes

Section 4

75 Multiple Choice Questions

95 Minutes

It is administered and proctored by staff at Prometric in approximately 350 locations around the United States and 180 international locations. 

You do not need to have extensive familiarity with computers, but you should have experience with the use of a computer keyboard and mouse. Computer-based testing functions include the ability to navigate forward and backward through the examination, mark items for further review, highlight/strikeout question content, review answered, unanswered and marked items. A listing of completed questions, incomplete questions, and marked items may be accessed at any time during the examination for the currently active section. You must review or change items prior to the time expiration for each section. Once you end an exam section, or the exam has timed out, you cannot return to the questions in that section. The computer-based examination contains a clock showing the time remaining in the top center of the exam screen.


The test plan specifications for the current Secure One-Day Family Medicine Certification Examination administered in a test center, provides you with the targeted percentage of questions in each content category of your examination.

Test Plan Specifications:

Download Icon

    2020 [PDF, 39KB]

Online Tutorial

You may access an Online Tutorial to help you gain helpful insights into the computer-based testing system and to review the exam functionality before you take the exam. Please note that while the online tutorial may show various question formats, the One-Day Family Medicine Certification Examination consists only of single best response, multiple-choice questions. On exam day there will be a brief orientation/tutorial prior to starting, which will allow you to re-familiarize yourself with the exam process.

Prometric Test Drive 

Prometric also offers a "Test Drive," if you wish to become familiar with the testing process and the testing center before your exam day. This is a 30-minute orientation in which the Prometric staff will allow you to experience the check-in/registration process, take a 15-minute non-medical related sample test, and introduce you to the staff and surroundings, such as parking and entrances. Prometric charges $30 for this service and you will need to make an appointment in advance through the Prometric website at

Pass Rates

The volume and pass rate information for the One-Day Family Medicine Certification Examination and the Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) examinations are available below by year. The results for the CAQ examinations are not limited to ABFM candidates. The CAQ examinations, while administered by a single board, are recognized as subspecialty certifications by several boards.

Pass Rates:

Download Icon     2022 [PDF, 152KB]

Download Icon     2021 [PDF, 125KB]

Download Icon     2020 [PDF, 67KB]

Download Icon     2019 [PDF, 65KB]

Download Icon     2018 [PDF, 63KB]



prepare for the examination

Two Week Checklist 

The Two Week Test Preparation Checklist includes topics and information about the examination such as confirming logistical matters, understanding the format, and clarifying procedures. The Last-Minute Test Preparation Checklist outlines what you need to bring with you on the day of the examination and provides suggestions for making your examination experience as comfortable as possible.

Study Plan Videos




Study Plan 1 

Study Plan 2 

Study Plan 3 

Study Plan 4 



The ABFM offers the opportunity to have your examination rescored if you send a completed request form with a check for $200 within 14 days of the official release of the score reports. However, we strongly discourage this because the probability of an examination being incorrectly scored is extremely remote. In fact, we have no record of a discrepancy ever being detected. This is because ABFM employs many quality control procedures to ensure that all examinations are scored accurately. The quality control process is very extensive and is largely the reason that it takes so long to provide candidates with their results.

If you decide to have your examination reviewed, please understand that the review is limited to verifying 1. that the responses that were scored were indeed made by the candidate and 2. that the scoring process correctly transformed the candidate’s responses into a scaled score.

This review is not a review of the content of the items, or a reconsideration of what the correct answer should be. It is also not a reconsideration of the passing standard or of the acceptability of the testing conditions.

If you wish to request a rescore of your examination, please click the link below, print the document, fill it out, and send it with a check to ABFM.

Download Icon     Rescore Request Form [PDF, 251KB]

suspected cheating

American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Diplomates work hard to earn and maintain their certification. Activities that damage the integrity of the ABFM certification constitute a serious issue for all Diplomates. The Family Medicine Certification Examination is an important component of the certification process. Attempts to compromise the integrity of the ABFM certification process represent a serious ethical violation that could result in a candidate losing his or her certification and/or eligibility to become certified. Depending on the type of activity, other legal consequences are possible as well. Similarly, aiding another person in the compromise of the ABFM certification process is also a serious ethical violation.

Candidates should be aware and understand that the disclosure of any information about examination materials—including the nature or content of examination items—before, during, or after the examination is a violation of law. Violations of confidentiality and/or candidate rules can result in criminal prosecution, civil liability, and disciplinary actions by both the ABFM and by the appropriate licensing board.

ABFM examinations are administered under very standardized conditions, and strict security measures are in place. If you are aware of, or have observed, any attempt to compromise the ABFM examination process, please report it to the ABFM Test Security Group. Please provide as much detail as possible, and if you are comfortable doing so, please provide your contact information so that we may ask additional questions and respond in a timely and effective manner. Reports of suspected irregularities are taken seriously by ABFM and are appropriately investigated by the team.

Please help us to maintain the integrity of ABFM certification by reporting any unscrupulous attempts to circumvent the examination, such as using proxy examinees, attempting to use cheat sheets, attempting to bring unauthorized materials into or out of the test center, and reproducing or communicating information about test questions.

Incidents of suspicious behavior can be reported to the ABFM Test Security Group by:

  • Calling 859-687-2538
  • Emailing [email protected] 
  • Send a letter detailing the incident to: ABFM Security Group, 1648 McGrathiana Parkway Suite 550, Lexington, KY 40511-1247