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    Part-Time Residency in Family Medicine

    In order for a resident to qualify for the ABFM Certification Examination, a reduced or part-time curriculum must have PRIOR written approval of the Board and must meet the conditions listed below.

    1. The part-time program and any subsequent changes in curriculum must be approved by the ABFM in advance. The residency must submit a description of the curriculum which outlines the manner in which the part-time program meets the ACGME "Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Family Medicine."
    2. The curriculum design for the part-time residency must meet the following guidelines:
      • It must be based on a satisfactory reason for being part-time.
      • It must meet the educational needs of the resident.
      • It must be fair to the other residents in the program.
      • It must include in its total extent AT LEAST the sum of clinical experiences and responsibilities acquired by a resident with a normal full-time schedule.
      • It must include documentation of the manner in which the resident's patient-care responsibilities (continuity) will be discharged throughout the term of the training experience.
    3. The part-time experience in the G-2 and G-3 years must provide continuity of training in the SAME Family Medicine program.
    4. During the G-2 and G-3 years, part-time residents are expected to complete comprehensive care for Family Medicine Practice (FMP) site patients on a full-time equivalent basis. It is expected that clinical rotations/experiences and continuity clinic time will be integrated during the part-time schedule. Block clinic time without concurrent clinical rotations/experiences does not reduce the continuity of care requirement or the length of training time, but does serve to avoid violation of the continuity of care requirement. A Family Medicine Practice site approved by the Residency Review Committee must be used to fulfill the continuity of care requirement.
    5. By the completion of training part-time residents must have completed the same minimum number of Family Medicine Practice patient visits as required of full-time residents.

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