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    ABFM Executives


    James C. Puffer

    James C. Puffer, M.D.

    President and Chief Executive Officer: 2005-present
    Executive Director and Secretary: 2003-2005
    Vice President, Board of Directors: 1993-1994
    Member-at-Large, Executive Committee: 1993-1994
    Board of Directors: 1989-1994

    Michael Hagen, M.D.

    Michael Hagen, M.D.

    Senior Vice President: 2007-Present
    Vice President, Assessment Methods Development: 2005-2007
    Associate Executive Director: 2003-2004
    President, Board of Directors: 1995-1996
    Treasurer, Board of Directors: 1994-1995
    Member-At-Large, Executive Committee: 1993-1994
    Board of Directors: 1991-1996

    Robert Phillips, M.D., M.S.P.H.

    Robert Phillips, M.D., M.S.P.H.

    VP of Research and Policy: 2012-Present

    Roger Bean

    Roger Bean

    Chief Operating & Financial Officer: 2007-present
    Chief Financial Officer: 2000-2006

    Tom O'Neill

    Tom O'Neill, Ph.D.

    Vice President of Psychometric Services: 2008-present

    Joseph W. Tollison, M.D.

    Joseph W. Tollison, M.D.

    Senior Advisor to the President: 2008-present
    Senior Vice President: 2005-2007
    Deputy Executive Director: 1998–2005
    President, Board of Directors: 1996-1997
    Member-At-Large, Executive Committee: 1995-1996
    Board of Directors: 1992-1997

    Martin A. Quan

    Martin A. Quan, M.D.

    Senior Advisor to the President: 2008-present

    Robert F. Avant

    Robert F. Avant, M.D.

    Executive Director Emeritus: 2005-present
    Senior Executive: 2003–2004
    Executive Director and Secretary: 1998-2002
    Deputy Executive Director: 1991-1997
    President, Board of Directors: 1988-1989
    Treasurer, Board of Directors: 1987-1988
    Member-At-Large, Executive Committee: 1986-1987
    Board of Directors: 1984-1989

    Paul R. Young

    Paul R. Young, M.D.

    Executive Director Emeritus: 2003-present
    Senior Executive: 1998–2002
    Executive Editor, JABFP: 1990-2002
    Executive Director and Secretary: 1990-1997
    Deputy Executive Director: 1988-1989
    Editor, JABFP: 1988-1990
    President, Board of Directors: 1985-1986
    Treasurer, Board of Directors: 1984-1985
    Member-At-Large, Executive Committee: 1983-1984
    Board of Directors: 1981-1986

    Nicholas J. Pisacano, M.D.

    Nicholas J. Pisacano, M.D.

    Founding Executive Director and Secretary:
    1969-March 1990
    Executive Editor, JABFP: 1988-March 1990

    James C. Puffer M.D., Paul R. Young M.D., Robert F. Avant M.D.
    President and Chief Executive Officer James C. Puffer, M.D., Executive Director Emeritus Paul R. Young, M.D., and Executive Director Emeritus Robert F. Avant, M.D.

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