Informing Equity & Diversity in Primary Care Policy and Practice: Introducing a New Series of Policy Briefs, Commentaries, and Voices in JABFM


Author(s):  Eden, Aimee R, Jones, Danielle D, Bazemore, Andrew W and Jabbarpour, Yalda

Source:  Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Published: 2022

Volume/Issue:: 35(1):190-196

Topic(s):  Role of Primary Care and Achieving Health System Goals


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Recent events remind us that deeply embedded inequities in health care access and health outcomes are rooted in historically white, and male, systems of power. A new series of JABFM policy briefs and accompanying commentaries will apply a critical perspective to topics of equity and diversity in the primary care workforce, and support a more inclusive and diverse array of collaborators and authors. In this commentary, we introduce the series and describe our hope that the policy briefs in this series, and their accompanying commentaries, will be used to inform, influence, challenge, and change practice, policy, organizational culture, and advocacy efforts toward systemic justice.