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    Is Your Doctor Maintaining Board Certification?


    "I trust when the physician is board-certified I feel he/she is meeting certain criteria."
    —Anonymous Survey Participant

    In health care, practice does not necessarily make perfect. Although it makes sense that doctors with more experience would have accumulated more knowledge and skill, research findings suggest that physician performance declines over time. However, physicians who maintain board certification are shown to increase their knowledge base.

    Medicine changes rapidly, and it has become essential for doctors to stay current in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in order to provide high quality care. By participating in ABFM's Family Medicine Certification (FMC) program, doctors can demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards of care.

    Ask if your family physician is participating in Family Medicine Certification—and if the answer is no, you may want to encourage them to do so.


    "I feel insured that the physician is held to the highest standard."
    —Anonymous Survey Participant

    Click Here to find out if your physician is board-certified.


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