Maintenance of Certification

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    Requirements for Diplomates who Certify or Recertify in 2011 and Beyond

    Any physician who successfully completes the examination in 2011 or thereafter will enter the continuous MC-FP process, which requires each physician to successfully complete MC-FP requirements in order to maintain certification. Diplomates certifying in 2011 and beyond will all have a 10-year examination requirement, a simplified financial plan, and flexibility with the module requirements. MC-FP rules now require participation thresholds to be met in 3-year stages. The printed certificate provided to physicians will not have an end date; however, MC-FP requirements must be maintained in order for certification to continue. Certification status will be contingent upon meeting these MC-FP requirements within each 3-year stage deadline.

    Each 3-year stage will have the same requirements:

    • A minimum of 1 Part II module (SAM) (most worth 15 points)
    • A minimum of 1 Part IV module (PPM or approved alternative) (most worth 20 points)
    • One additional Part II module(s) or Part IV module(s)
    • At least 50 MC-FP points (acquired by completion of modules) per three year stage

    In addition, each Diplomate must complete 150 CME credits every 3-year stage and continuously maintain a currently valid, full, unrestricted license to practice medicine in the United States or Canada and continuous compliance with the ABFM Guidelines.

    As long as a Diplomate continues to meet these requirements in each 3-year stage, the Diplomate will be listed as board-certified on the ABFM website. If a Diplomate fails to meet a requirement by the specified deadline, the Diplomate will be listed as "not certified" and certificate “withdrawn” on the ABFM website. A Diplomate has three years (after becoming "not certified") to regain their certification status by completing the required MC-FP activities. Once the delinquent requirement(s) are completed, the Diplomate will again be listed as board-certified (but a break in certification history will be listed permanently on the ABFM website).

    If a Diplomate does not meet the current 3-year stage requirements, and does not complete all previously delinquent modules in the next 3-year stage, the Diplomate will be required to complete the MC-FP Re-Entry Process (which will include successfully completing the MC-FP Examination).

    The MC-FP Re-Entry Process requires:

    • Completion of fifty (50) MC-FP points, which includes:
      • Minimum of one (1) Self-Assessment Module (SAM) 
      • Minimum of one (1) Part IV Module (PPM or approved alternative) 
      • Additional approved Part II or Part IV activities to reach a minimum of 50 points
    • Completion of one hundred fifty (150) credits of acceptable CME (minimum 50% Division I), acquired in last three (3) years
    • Compliance with ABFM Guidelines for Professionalism, Licensure, and Personal Conduct which includes holding a currently valid, full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the United States or Canada
    • Submission of three (3) MC-FP Process Payments; one (1) payment at the start of each module
    • Submission of application and accompanying full examination fee for the MC-FP Examination
    • Successful completion of the MC-FP Examination

    For more specific information regarding ABFM Diplomate MC-FP requirements, please login to your Physician’s Portfolio.



    MC-FP Requirements for Diplomates Who Certify or Recertify in 2011

    2011 10-year chart



    * If a diplomate does not complete stage requirements, and does not catch-up with requirements within 3 years, the diplomate must re-enter MC-FP. Re-entry requirements: 50 MC-FP points (including at least one Part II and one Part IV activity), 150 CME credits, and successful completion of the MC-FP examination.