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    Candidate Information Booklets

    Each Candidate Information Booklet is designed to provide a comprehensive description of the requirements and policies pertaining to the corresponding examination being offered by the American Board of Family Medicine.

    Booklets are currently available for the Family Medicine Certification Examinations (initial certification & recertification), Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQ) in Sports Medicine, CAQ in Geriatrics, CAQ in Sleep Medicine, CAQ in Hospice and Palliative Medicine, CAQ in Pain Medicine, and the CAQ in Adolescent Medicine. The link below provides access to the current Family Medicine Certification Examination Candidate Information Booklet. Candidate Information Booklets for the specific CAQs are located on the respective CAQ page under the Certificates of Added Qualifications tab. In each booklet you will find information and criteria for qualifying for the exam, the policies governing the exam, testing dates, instructions for completing an application, as well as the terms and conditions of agreement to take the exam.

    We recommend that anyone planning to take an ABFM examination read the corresponding Candidate Information Booklet thoroughly prior to starting an application.

    2019 Candidate Information Booklet(s):

    Family Medicine Primary — 2019 [296 KB]

    2018 Candidate Information Booklet(s):

    Family Medicine Primary — 2018 [375 KB]


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