Continuing Certification

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    Family medicine residency programs are responsible for entering each resident's personal information (name, address, birth date, etc.) and medical training in the Board’s Resident Training Management (RTM) system. Upon entry of this information, the resident will be assigned an ID/Username and Password which will be used to access the online application. You must contact your program director or residency coordinator to obtain this information. The online application may be accessed within your Physician Portfolio once your residency program has indicated you are eligible to apply by completing the "Resident Exam Eligibility" list in the RTM system.

    Submitting the Application

    The application is available on the ABFM website within the Physician Portfolio and is to be completed online. The online Candidate Information Booklet should be read carefully by all candidates prior to starting the application. Each applicant will be asked to verify that the entire booklet has been carefully read and that the information on the application is true. The application will not be processed without this acknowledgement. Submission of the online application and meeting all application requirements, (with the exception of completion of residency training and licensure) by the published deadline are necessary to be approved to take the exam. Completion of residency training and verification of satisfactory of completion of training, as well as submission of a full valid and unrestricted medical license may be permitted after the exam; however, both are required in order to obtain certification.

    Fees—Candidates are encouraged to pay their exam fee by credit card online to expedite the application process. Should they prefer to submit credit card information in writing, or to pay by check, a payment invoice may be printed from the online application for completion. Candidates may not advance beyond the payment page in the application until payment is received.

    Examination fees may be carried over for up to three years if fees are not used in the calendar year in which the application is filed. Any candidate whose exam application is not approved for any reason will be withdrawn from the application process with the fee carrying over to the next available exam. Please note that if a refund is requested, the administrative processing fee ($200), any seat fee incurred due to late withdrawal or reschedule, and any late fees incurred due to filing a late application are non-refundable.

    If a candidate is unable to take the examination or does not pass, a new application/registration will be required which will include verification of fulfillment of all requirements.

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