The successful completion of FMCLA with a passing score will fulfill your examination requirement.

  • If you began FMCLA in 2020, you are fulfilling your 2020 examination requirement.
  • If you began FMCLA in 2021, you are fulfilling your 2021 examination requirement.
  • If you began FMCLA in 2022, you are fulfilling your 2022 examination requirement.
  • If you began FMCLA in 2023, you are fulfilling your 2023 examination requirement.
  • If you will begin FMCLA in 2024, you will be fulfilling you 2024 examination requirement.

How will my FMCLA performance be scored?

All 300 questions will be scored as correct or incorrect. If a total of 300 questions are not answered by the end of the 4th year, then the remaining unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. These responses are then transformed into a scaled score ranging from 200 to 800, similar to the one-day Family Medicine Certification Examination.

A scaled score is a transformation of your raw score that adjusts for the difficulty of the questions that you received. This is important for assessments in which each examinee may receive a different set of questions. Scaled scores ensure that no Diplomate is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged by receiving a relatively easy or difficult set of questions.

The Minimum Passing Standard (MPS) will be set to the same high standard as the proctored one-day Family Medicine Certification Examination. Pass-fail decisions will be based upon whether your scaled score is greater than or equal to the MPS. You will have a preliminary score at the time you complete 300 questions, with a final, official score given at the end of four years when everyone in the cohort has completed FMCLA. Your certification will continue throughout this time as long as you are meeting all other certification requirements.

What Type of Performance Feedback Will I Receive? 

On the home screen of the FMCLA Platform, you will see your raw score performance (i.e., total number of questions and number of questions answered correctly/incorrectly).

A Blueprint Category report will display the question breakdown (i.e., number answered correctly, incorrectly, and percent correct) by blueprint category. 

Additionally, after meeting the meaningful participation requirement in year one, you will see an estimated score and detailed performance report, which will give you a good idea about your performance relative to passing the longitudinal assessment as well as more detailed information about areas of strength and areas with room for improvement. The estimated score and performance report will be updated quarterly.

The final score and performance report will be available through your MyABFM Portfolio following the end of the quarter in which you complete your assessment.