The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) continuously strives to excel in its communication with family physicians, the public, and other stakeholders. In addition to regular email communications with board-certified family physicians, our Support Center regularly assists Diplomates with a variety of solutions to help them gain or maintain Family Medicine Certification. Videos and written materials are available to help with exam preparation and to assist with other accreditation requirements. All ABFM staff are committed to helping family physicians be successful in their certification efforts and other issue-specific assistance.

ABFM also produces a quarterly newsletter, actively manages its website, and produces articles, reports, presentations and other materials for AAFP state chapters, family medicine residency program directors, and other partner organizations. The goal is to ensure sharing of information about new programs and partnerships, changes in the certification process, and other work occurring at ABFM to as many audiences in as many ways possible.

ABFM receives feedback from its Diplomates on all activities related to Family Medicine Certification, assessment tools, and the PRIME registry, through both the ABFM Website and by convening family physician focus groups to provide guidance to improve our processes and programs based on that feedback.

Several digital resources are available that are designed to help the public understand the value of certification, e.g. smartphone apps, various social media accounts, and video. These and other communications are available below.

For media inquiries, please email [email protected].

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Patient Brochure

The American Board of Family Medicine has created a patient brochure promoting the benefits of care provided by a Board-Certified Family Physician.  Diplomates may download and print a two-sided brochure which can be placed in the waiting/examining room or mailed individually to patients. 

Download Options

ABFM offers this patient brochure in both English and Spanish languages.  To download these PDF files: click on the applicable link below to open the PDF (Adobe Reader required) and then you may select Save As from your File menu to save the brochure pages to your computer. Windows users may also choose to right-click on the links and select Save Target As to download the files.


 Click Here to download the Acrobat reader from the Adobe site.

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What is a Board-Certified Family Doctor?


Why Should I See a Family Doctor? 

Yo quiero un médico que

If you would like to learn more about why certification matters to you, visit the ABMS website. 

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