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    Double Boarding

    The pursuit of two specialty board certifications while training in one or both graduate training programs simultaneously, with some exchange of credit between programs reducing the time it would take to pursue each specialty certification separately, generally defines the process of "Double Boarding."

    The policy of the ABFM on "Double Boarding" is in keeping with the Board's policies regarding qualifications for certification and is noted below.

    • The candidate must have satisfactorily completed 36 full calendar months of ACGME-accredited training in Family Medicine.
    • The G-1 year (12 calendar months) must conform to the ACGME "Program Requirements for Residency Graduate Medical Education in Family Medicine," as well as the American Board of Family Medicine criteria for transfer to an ACGME-accredited G-2 year in Family Medicine if the G-1 year is not in an ACGME-accredited Family Medicine program.
    • The remaining 24 calendar months (the G-2 and G-3 years) must be in the same ACGME-accredited Family Medicine residency program, and the resident must be officially considered a resident in Family Medicine under the supervision of the Family Medicine Program Director.

    Programs wishing to offer an opportunity for one or more residents to obtain certification by two specialty boards must have the curriculum approved by the ABFM and the second specialty board prior to any resident beginning training.

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