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    Staff Directory

    American Board of Family Medicine, Inc.
    1648 McGrathiana Parkway, Suite 550
    Lexington, KY 40511

    Toll-free Phone: 877-223-7437

    Please note:  If you are requesting information from ABFM via email, please provide your full name, address, and date of birth.


      Phone Fax Email
    Warren Newton, M.D., MPH
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    859-335-7510 859-335-7501 wnewton
    Elizabeth G. Baxley, M.D.
    Executive Vice President
    859-335-7510 859-335-7501 ebaxley
    Robert Phillips, M.D., M.S.P.H.
    VP of Research & Policy
    859-538-7198 859-335-7501 bphillips
    Roger M. Bean, CPA
    Chief Operating & Financial Officer
    859-335-7513 859-335-7501 rbean
    Thomas O'Neill, Ph.D.
    Vice President of Psychometrics
    859-687-2538 859-335-7501 toneill
    James C. Puffer, M.D.
    President & CEO Emeritus
    859-335-7510 859-335-7501 jpuffer
    Martin A. Quan, M.D.
    Senior Advisor to the President
    859-287-0858 859-335-7501 mquan
    Support Center
    Ashley Webb, Manager
    877-223-7437 859-335-7516
    Certification Phone Fax Email
    Kevin Rode, Manager 859-618-6167 859-335-7501 krode
    Debbie Medley, Coordinator 859-538-7197 859-335-7516 dmedley
    Erik Tousseau, Candidate Assistance
    (Candidates with last name A-G)
    859-538-7169 859-335-7516 etousseau
    Jodi Johns, Candidate Assistance
    (Candidates with last name P-Z)
    Recognition of Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine
    859-429-7379 859-335-7501 jjohns
    Stephen Huesing, Special Testing Conditions Coordinator
    Candidate Assistance
    (Candidates with last name H-O)
    859-287-0972 859-335-7526 shuesing
    Kathy Banks, Coordinator Resident Education
    In-Training Examination & Resident Training Management (RTM)
    859-429-7360 859-335-7501 kbanks
    CAQs Phone Fax Email
    Adolescent Medicine
    Erik Tousseau
    859-538-7169   help@theabfm.org
    Geriatric Medicine
    Jodi Johns
    Hospice & Palliative Medicine
    Stephen Huesing
    Pain Medicine
    Erik Tousseau
    Sleep Medicine
    Erik Tousseau
    Sports Medicine
    Stephen Huesing
    Certification Alternative Activities Phone Fax Email
    Alternative Activities Program     alternatives
    Jodi Johns 859-429-7379 859-335-7501 jjohns
    Diplomate Verifications
    Mary McIntosh 859-447-9576 859-335-7509 mmcintosh
    Shannon Dunahue, Coordinator
    Credentials & Examination Services
    859-538-7168 859-335-7526 sdunahue
    Robert Cattoi, Manager
    859-335-7507 859-335-7501 rcattoi
    Content Development
    Roger Fain, Senior Editor 859-538-7192 859-335-7501 rfain
    Information Technology
    Jin Xu, Ph.D., Systems Programming & Development Manager 859-429-5111 859-335-7501 jxu
    Property Management Phone Fax Email
    Joel Milbern, Building Operations Manager 859-335-7511 859-335-7501  
    Executive Offices
    Janice Thomas 859-287-0860 859-335-7501 jthomas
    Trisha Layow, CPA, Controller 859-447-9625 859-335-7501 tlayow
    Pisacano Leadership Foundation
    Robert Cattoi, Executive Director
    859-335-7507 859-335-7501 rcattoi
    Journal of the ABFM
    Phil Lupo 313-577-5205 313-577-9828 jabfm
    Lars Peterson, M.D., Ph.D, Research Director 859-538-7180 859-335-7501 lpeterson