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    Past Directors

    Deborah I. Allen, MD (1996-2001); Larry R. Anderson, MD (1997-2002); Loren H. Amundson, MD* (1983-1988); Robert F. Avant, MD (1984-1989)

    B. Lewis Barnett, Jr., MD* (1976-1981); Elizabeth Baxley, MD (2013–2018); Diane K. Beebe, MD (2009-2014); Ralph C. Benson, MD* (1974-1979); William G. Bernhardt, MD (1990-1995); Lester D. Bibler, MD* (1969-1971); Robert M. Blake, MD* (1977-1982); Howard Blanchette, MD (2009-2014); Erika Bliss, MD (2009-2014); Ernst C. Bone, MD* (1973-1978); Edward T. Bope, MD (1990-1995); Marjorie A. Bowman, MD (1997-2002); Laura Brooks, MD (2011-2016); Arlene Brown, MD (2007-2012); H. James Brown, MD (2001-2006); Robert C. Brownlee, MD (1971-1976); Paul C. Brucker, MD* (1983-1988); John Bucholtz, DO (2006-2011); Allison L. Burdick, Jr., MD* (1977-1982); George E. Burket, Jr., MD* (1969-1977)

    R. Neil Chisholm, MD (1971-1976); Ronald E. Christensen, MD (1999-2004); Edward W. Ciriacy, MD* (1971-1976); Richard D. Clover, MD* (2002-2007); Thomas Cogbill, MD (2007-2012); Jack M. Colwill, MD (1998-2003); Lanny R. Copeland, MD (1989-1994); Craig W. Czarsty, MD (2005-2011)

    Worth B. Daniels, Jr., MD* (1983-1988); Alan K. David, MD (2010–2015); Glenn C. Davis, MD (2000-2005); Susan C. Day, MD (2008-2013); Arthur J. Donovan, MD (1982-1987); Theodore Drapanas, MD* (1971-1975); John L. Duhring, MD* (1984-1989); Donal L. Dunphy, MD* (1976-1981)

    Ben Eiseman, MD* (1969-1972); Donald T. Erwin, MD (1993-1998)

    Raymond Feldman, MD* (1969-1975); Shervert Frazier, Jr., MD* (1975-1980); Kenneth A. Frederick, MD (1988-1993); I. Phillips Frohman, MD* (1969-1974); Lonnie Fuller, Sr., MD* (1994-1999)

    Norman F. Gant, MD (1989-1994); Elizabeth Ann Garrett, MD (2004-2009); Thomas P. Gessner, MD (2006-2011); Mary Kane Goldstein, MD (1993-1998); Larry A. Green, MD (2005-2010); Norton J. Greenberger, MD (1988-1993); James L. Grobe, MD* (1973-1978); A. Dale Gulledge, MD* (1985-1990); J. Roy Guyther, MD* (1984-1989)

    Michael D. Hagen, MD (1991-1996); Jimmy Hara, MD (2011–2016); John R. Hayes, MD (1990-1995); Deborah G. Haynes, MD (2001-2006); Warren A. Heffron, MD (1994-1999); Lawrence L. Hester, MD* (1969-1974); Joseph Hobbs, MD (2003-2008); Herbert A. Holden, MD* (1974-1979); Harmon E. Holverson, MD* (1986-1991); B. Leslie Huffman, Jr., MD* (1978-1983)

    Willis B. Irvine, MD* (1982-87)

    Carlos Roberto Jaén, MD (2010-2015); John E. Jesseph, MD* (1977-1982); Amos N. Johnson, MD* (1969-1974); Cynda Johnson, MD (1995-2000); Joseph E. Johnston, MD (1987-1992); James G. Jones, MD (1978-1983); Samuel Jones, MD (2008-2013)

    Frank L. Kane, MD (2001-2006); Donald M. Keith, MD* (1992-1997); James Kennedy, MD (2011-2016)

    Richard F. LeBlond, MD (1998-2003); Howard P. Lewis, MD* (1969-1978); Lorna Anne Lynn, MD (2014-2018)

    John V. S. Maeck, MD* (1980-1984); R. Jerry Mann, MD (1996-2001); Arlie R. Mansberger, MD* (1987-1992); James C. Martin, MD (1993-1998); Christine C. Matson, MD (2012-2017); Oscar M. McCallum, MD* (1980-1985); Ollie O. McGahee, Jr., MD* (1979-1984); David W. Mercer, MD (2012-2017); Julius Michaelson, MD* (1969-1974); Paul V. Miles, MD (1996-2001); Ronald A. Miller, MD (1985-1990); Karen B. Mitchell, MD (2002-2007)

    Arthur D. Nelson, MD* (1969-1974); Warren P. Newton, MD (2007-2012); Thomas A. Nicholas, MD (1982-1987); Howard H. Nichols, MD (1981-1986); Marcia J. Nielsen, PhD, MPH (2012-2017); Kenneth L. Noller, MD (1994-1999); Thomas E. Norris, MD (2000-2005)

    Valerie M. Parisi, MD (1999-2004); Malcolm E. Phelps, MD* (1969-1971); Jack Pickleman, MD (1992-1997); Nicholas J. Pisacano, MD* (1969-1971); David W. Price, MD (2003-2008); James G. Price, MD* (1975-1980); James C. Puffer, MD (1989-1994)

    Howard K. Rabinowitz, MD (1988-1993); Robert E. Rakel, MD (1973-1979); Janet P. Realini, MD (1986-1991); H. Judson Reamy, MD* (1981-1986); Thomas L. W. Roe, MD (1991-1996); William F. Ross, MD* (1985-1990); William L. Russell, MD (1997-2002)

    Rafael C. Sanchez, MD* (1976-1979); Dennis R. Schaberg, MD (2003-2008); Joseph E. Scherger, MD (1999-2004); Truman G. Schnabel, Jr., MD (1978-1983); Thomas L. Schwenk, MD (2000-2005); Kailie R. Shaw, MD (2010–2015); James F. Shetlar, MD (1991-1996); J. Lewis Sigmon, Jr., MD (1995-1999); Peter M. Silberfarb, MD (1995-2000); Charles W. Smith, Jr., MD (1987-1992); Richard M. Steinhilber, MD (1980-1985); W. Jack Stelmach, MD* (1979-1984); Keith Stelter, MD (2012–2017); G. Gayle Stephens, MD* (1980-1985); Charles C. Strong, MD* (1975-1980); George S. Sturtz, MD* (1986-1991)

    Jon S. Thompson, MD (2002-2007); Joseph W. Tollison, MD (1992-1997)

    John G. Walsh, MD* (1969-1972); J. Jerome Wildgen, MD* (1972-1977); Vernon E. Wilson, MD* (1969-1974); L. Thomas Wolff, MD (1998-2003); Michael G. Workings, MD (2008-2013); F. Howell Wright, MD* (1969-1970)

    Paul R. Young, MD* (1981-1986)


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