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    American Board of Family Medicine Foundation and North American Primary Care Research Group to Collaborate on Future Starfield Summits


    The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Foundation and the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) recently announced plans for approving proposals for and the organization of all future Starfield Summits. The proposal was approved by the Board of Directors of both organizations.

    Professor Barbara Starfield (1932-2011), a physician and health services researcher, was a University Distinguished Professor and the Professor of Health Policy and Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University. Her research on primary care gave considerable evidence for improving primary care worldwide, and her books are widely recognized as some of the most influential works in the field.

    The Starfield Summit was created to honor her memory, to advance related research, and to continue to improve primary care and related health policy. The three previous Starfield Summits include: Advancing Primary Care Research, Policy and Patient Care; Primary Care's Role in Achieving Health Equity; and Meaningful Measures for Primary Care.

    With the blessing of Dr. Starfield's family, the ABFM Foundation and NAPCRG recently agreed to support future Starfield Summits. NAPCRG will manage requests to use the name as well as offer guidance on maintaining the model followed in past summits. The ABFM Foundation has agreed to consider requests for financial support of future summits. Hosting a Starfield Summit is not restricted to family medicine and the partnering organizations are keen to see other primary care groups host them.

    The Starfield Summit (http://www.starfieldsummit.com/) consists of a series of meetings providing a unique opportunity for conversation among a diverse group of leaders in primary care research and policy. It is intended to galvanize its participants, generating important discussion for public consumption, and enabling research and policy agenda-setting in support of primary care function as an essential catalyst in health system reform.

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