Welcome to the new ABFM website!

This new website is symbolic of our redoubled efforts to engage family physicians and other interested parties who are passionate about Family Medicine, the profession and the future of health care. It reflects our commitment to changing the way we work with Diplomates and all our other stakeholders, such as family medicine residents, patients and credentialers. We have focused on creating a site that is easy to navigate, provides succinct and clear information about the certification process and shares news and updates about other ABFM activities and partnerships. It will also be living, incorporating your feedback and what is happening in our community.

As the new President and CEO of the American Board of Family Medicine, I would like to introduce myself briefly.  In 34 years as a personal physician, I have practiced in a community health center, a health department and an academic practice at the University of North Carolina (UNC).  I led the development of the institution’s first Hospitalist Group and helped to reorganize the Maternal Child Health Service. I have also served in a variety of educational roles, including Residency Director, Chief Academic Officer at UNC, and Vice Dean and Director of North Carolina AHEC. In each of these roles, I have championed transformation of health profession education. I also have led practice transformation initiatives at the individual practice, regional and statewide levels: our teams have dramatically improved patient outcomes. Going forward, I believe we family physicians can do much to improve the health and heath care of the communities we serve. I also believe that building new models of care goes hand in hand with creating new ways of educating doctors and other health professionals.

This website also represents a first step in ABFM’s new strategic plan which we will report out fully over this summer. With input from many stakeholders, our plan will acknowledge the tumultuous times in which we live and will put forward a variety of new programs to meet the needs of our Diplomates and the discipline. We are planning for change and look forward to your input in working with us to shape it.

Another step into the future is the pilot of Family Medicine Certification Longitudinal Assessment (FMCLA), which we announced in the fall and which will serve as an alternative for a single day secure examination. As many of you will appreciate, this is built on the Continuous Knowledge Self-Assessment (CKSA) platform, which has grown in popularity with over 31,500 Diplomates and family medicine residents participating in its first two years. As with the one-day exam, our goal with FMCLA is to independently assess the cognitive expertise that defines the minimum knowledge required to be an excellent family physician, but doing so by using an approach that is more flexible, less expensive and will support ongoing learning. With this and the other initiatives we will be rolling out, we want to make the certificate you earn valuable for you, relevant to your practice, useful in helping you identify knowledge gaps and closing them, and more convenient, all while upholding practice improvement and the pursuit of excellence that is the core of our professionalism.

Diplomates will play a key role in developing our programs. We plan to visit as many state AFP chapters and other meetings as possible, where we can hear from you and provide updates from ABFM. We have also added opportunities for you to get involved with the ABFM—starting by giving feedback on this site, volunteering for virtual or in-person focus groups, serving as an “Influencer” in a network of your peers who will help us plan ongoing changes to certification, and many other opportunities. Find Get Involved with the ABFM in the About section of the website or search for it on the home page.

Our hope is to build a community of physicians working together to improve board certification—and health care. We appreciate the great diversity of Family Medicine and family physicians—across the country, across communities, in different kinds of practices and representing varied backgrounds and  personal experiences. There is power and wisdom in your diversity—and in your commitment to service and to excellence in practice. On behalf of the ABFM, its Board of Directors and staff, I am very excited to work with you in the future!