ABMS Board of Directors Approves New Standards for Continuing Certification

Submitted on Mon, 11/01/2021 - 15:38

Earlier this year, we emailed you encouraging your participation in the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) “Draft Standards for Continuing Certification – Call for Comments.” The ABMS Board of Directors recently approved the new Standards for Continuing Certification (Standards) at its October meeting after receiving a great deal of feedback during the process from a number of individuals and organizations. Coming out of the work for the Vision Commission, these new Standards for all certifying boards were developed after more than a year of deliberation; ABFM was pleased to have broad representation working within the task forces that led to their development.

“These Standards begin a new phase of ABMS, underscoring that both Diplomates and the public are stakeholders, and that the certification process should include both learning and assessment of Diplomates,” said Dr. Warren Newton, President and CEO of ABFM. “They affirm the importance of the entire specialty and profession coming together to develop this and future plans to meet the needs of society and physicians throughout their careers.”

In support of the early recommendations prior to approval, ABFM had already taken action to implement many of the changes embodied in the Vision Commission, with improvements that emphasize increasing relevance, reducing burden, and integrating activities in ways that enhance the value of Family Medicine Continuing Certification.