ABFM Enhances Security Measures for Diplomates

Submitted on Tue, 09/30/2014 - 12:22

In recent years, personal information security and data protection have become a challenge for every organization that collects personal data. We are proud that a top priority at the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) is making certain our Diplomates' information is secure. In order to protect the information of all family physicians who interact with us, we are pleased to announce additional steps that we will be taking to enhance our efforts in this regard.

We have dedicated staff expertly trained in the area of information security to protect Diplomates' information and monitor and defend against the latest cybersecurity threats. Our Information Security team has recently implemented new safeguards to protect Diplomates' information, and we would like to share this critical information and explain why it is important.

We have upgraded the systems that store Diplomates' passwords and password security questions to meet the latest security standards for protecting personal information. As a result, the ABFM staff will no longer be able to access and retrieve passwords or password security questions. All password retrievals will be done directly online by the Diplomate to electronically reset his/her password. This protects personal information in the unlikely event of a data breach at the ABFM. If any sensitive data were extracted during such a breach, it would only appear as a random string of characters.

We have also made improvements to our online password retrieval process. So, if a Diplomate forgets his/her password and needs to reset it, this can easily be accomplished at the ABFM website. We encourage Diplomates to keep their password security questions current and maintain the answers in their physician portfolios in order to efficiently reset their password. If for any reason a Diplomate is unable to retrieve his/her password online, our support staff can be of assistance at 877-223-7437 or via live chat.

We value our relationship with our Diplomates and take the security of their personal information very seriously. Thank you for understanding the serious nature of this problem and our corresponding efforts to protect personal information with these enhancements to our systems.