Jerry E. Kruse, MD, MSPH

Jerry E. Kruse, MD, MSPH

Dr. Kruse is dean and provost of Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine and CEO of SIU Healthcare, the faculty practice plan of SIU School of Medicine. He is a tenured professor of Family and Community Medicine and Medical Education and served as Executive Associate Dean of SIU School of Medicine from 2013-15.

Dr. Kruse joined the SIU School of Medicine faculty in 1984 and has served the organization in many leadership roles. He was Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine (16 years), Director of the Quincy Family Medicine Residency Program (12 years), and Director of Quincy Family Medicine’s Clinical Operations and Complex Office Laboratory. He was Chair of the SIU School of Medicine Curriculum Committee and the Educational Policy Council (11 years), and he served on the Tenure and Promotion Committee (4 years). Dr. Kruse is a national advocate for innovation in medical education and the advancement of health care systems. His focus is to fulfill the Triple Aim + 1: medical education and health care that are more effective, efficient, equitable and enjoyable for all. He embraces the rapid changes in technology and communication, in health care delivery, in medical education, and in biomedical research. Another personal goal is to improve health not just for individuals, but for populations, particularly for the 67 counties in Illinois that comprise the service area of the SIU School of Medicine.

Dr. Kruse is a student of the interactions of biology and society. He has pioneered cooperative relationships between osteopathic and allopathic institutions and interprofessional systems of care. He has a special interest in cross-cultural and population health to inform effective policies and improve health care systems. Dr. Kruse has held major positions with many national organizations to represent primary care and graduate education, address quality issues, and advance the changing health care workforce, including the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (president 2012-13), Association of Departments of Family Medicine, the Association of Family Medicine Residency Directors and the North American Primary Care Research Group. He is also currently a member of the Board of Directors for Family Medicine for America’s Health. He was a frequent member of a team that provided public health and acute medical care in Honduras.

From 2007-11 Dr. Kruse served on the Council on Graduate Medical Education, the leading healthcare workforce policy body that advised Health and Human Services Secretaries Michael Leavitt and Kathleen Sebelius and the health care legislation authorizing committees of Congress.

Dr. Kruse has delivered many presentations to national and international bodies, including plenary sessions. In recent years his presentations have focused on effective, efficient and equitable systems of health care systems and on ways of knowing.

Dr. Kruse is a native of Salisbury, Missouri and completed his bachelor’s degree, medical degree, public health degree, residency training and fellowship training at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He completed a two-year Robert Wood Johnson Fellowship in Academic Family Medicine. Dr. Kruse and his wife, Lois, have three children: Emily, the M.F.A. low residency program director in poetry at Oregon State University-Cascades in Bend, Oregon; Julie, an elementary teacher and curriculum developer in Quincy, Illinois; and Anna, a biostatistician and PhD candidate in clinical epidemiology-maternal and child health at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Among other things, Dr. Kruse enjoys golf, wine, trumpet and humorous poetry.

Dr. Kruse serves the ABFM on the Executive Committee as its Immediate Past Chair.