The American Board of Family Medicine and its affiliated organizations work together to strengthen the specialty of Family Medicine through leadership development and collaboration on issues of importance to the discipline.  

American board of family medicine Foundation

The sole purpose of the ABFM Foundation (ABFM-F) is to support ABFM’s mission through education and research efforts that instigate, motivate, and focus projects that are aligned with the broader mission of ABFM. Recent examples include efforts to identify and evaluate quality metrics that capture the contributions of family medicine; support of Family Medicine for America’s Health; creation of a fellowship for international family physician educators to learn about best practices in family medicine education; the establishment and evaluation of the Preparing the Personal Physician for Practice and Length of Training initiatives; a national collaborative to improve onboarding of medical students and engagement of family medicine preceptors; and support for the Center for the History of Family Medicine. As of July 1, 2018, the ABFM Foundation houses the Center for Professionalism and Value in Healthcare.

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Health care in the United States is in the midst of transformational change; professional self-regulation and the public trust are at risk. To meet this challenge, the ABFM Foundation created the Center for Professionalism & Value in Health Care, located in Washington, D.C. Robert Phillips, MD, MSPH serves as the founding Executive Director of the Center. The Center will engage the broader healthcare community, policy-makers, payers, and patients to consider the state of professionalism and value and how to measure, align, and improve them.

The Center aims to:

  • Test the state of the social contract between health professionals and the public
  • To identify relationships between burnout and shame and the inability to be professional
  • To assess growing commoditization of health professionals and the impact on professionalism
  • To understand alignment between measures of value and professionalism
  • To call out expectations of health professionals to routinely sacrifice well-being or financial solvency
  • To explore interprofessional understandings of professionalism

The Center welcomes collaboration with others interested in working together on this common ground.

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Prime Registry


The PRIME Registry is family medicine’s only specialty outpatient quality registry. PRIME Registry uses the data from your EHR (electronic health record), mapping it to a robust set of quality measures, presented in an easy to use dashboard that allows clinicians and practices to view and track measure performance data at the practice, clinician and patient level.

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Pisacano Leadership Foundation  

The ABFM established the Pisacano Leadership Foundation in January 1991 as an enduring tribute to the ABFM founder and first Executive Director, Nicholas J. Pisacano, MD.  The goal of the Pisacano Leadership Foundation is to identify and develop future leaders who can make relevant contributions to the specialty of family medicine for generations to come. To accomplish this task, the Foundation developed the Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program. Pisacano Scholars are identified annually from among current U.S. medical students who demonstrate the highest levels of scholarship, leadership, character, interpersonal skills and community service. In addition to scholarships, the Scholars participate in symposia and leadership skills development semiannually, along with mentoring relationships with current leaders in the field of Family Medicine. A list of current and former Pisacano Scholars can be found on the website.

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JAmes C. Puffer, M.D. ABFM / National Academy of MEDICINE FellowsHIP

The Puffer/ABFM Fellowship at the National Academy of Medicine was established to enable talented, early-career health policy and science scholars in family medicine to participate actively in health- and medicine-related work of the National Academies and to further their careers as future leaders in the field.

In considering qualifications for the Puffer/ABFM Fellowship, preference is given to candidates who have a demonstrated interest in and focus on health quality and health services and have an M.D., Ph.D., or D.O. The program especially welcomes nominations of under-represented minority candidates.

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Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM)

Published since 1988, the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM) is the official peer-reviewed journal of the ABFM. Believing that the public and scientific communities are best served by open access to information, JABFM makes its articles available free of charge and without registration. JABFM is indexed by Medline, Index Medicus, and other services. JABFM publishes six bimonthly issues per year, comprising original material from authors with new knowledge to contribute to the understanding and advancement of family medicine research and clinical practice. JABFM also serves as an important forum for the specialty of family medicine, and as a source of news from the ABFM.

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Annals of Family Medicine

The ABFM is one of seven sponsoring organizations for the Annals of Family Medicine. Created as an outcome of the Future of Family Medicine project, and in recognition of the increasing need for outlets for impactful research that seeks to identify and address important questions in the provision of patient-centered, prioritized, high-quality health care. Annals has become the premier scientific journal for family medicine. Welcoming submissions on clinical, biomedical, social and health services topics, Annals publishes original research; methodologic reports; essays from reflective clinicians, patients, families, communities, and policymakers; and selected systematic reviews that build on current knowledge to advance new theory, methods, or research directions. 

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